Sayuki Custom Cosmetics – our story.

Hello – and welcome to SAYUKI!

My name is Tracy Wells and I am the Founder and President of Sayuki Custom Cosmetics Inc. Our brand name, SAYUKI, is actually my middle name and it means “Creates Happiness”.

I have worked in the cosmetics industry with several prestigious and luxurious brands since 1997.

The idea to start my own make-up line came to me a little over two years ago while I was working at a make-up counter near my home. As I looked around the cosmetics department, I realized that nothing had really changed in the industry in quite some time except for some new packaging, some new colors, and some new formulas. All of the brands were still following the industry-accepted module for trying to match clients’ skin tones for foundation then trying to plug them into existing colors predetermined by each manufacturer. For example – 10 colors for oily skin, 10 colors for dry skin, 10 colors for combination skin, and so on. Women would tell me every day how their foundation color was “close” but inevitably would be slightly too pink or too orange, too yellow or too ashy. They would also comment on the coverage – it would be too thick or did not have enough coverage, it would be too dry or not matte enough, etc. I understood completely because my father is Japanese and my mother is English, Irish and German – I could never find a foundation that would match me because I have yellow and pink in my skin tone!

That’s when a light went off – why not truly revolutionize the industry with a custom color-match foundation! What if I could develop a technology to actually scan a client’s skin and have that scan read the skin color precisely – then, feed the data into a machine that would custom-blend a foundation to the exact skin color with custom finish and coverage specifications while you wait, right at the counter!

I went to the one person I knew who would have the business and technological skills and experience to pull this off – my father, Larry Igarashi. After several initial discussions and late-night brainstorming we were determined to make it happen and we went to work.

That’s when Sayuki Custom Cosmetics was born – an actual light-balanced scanning device that captures the jaw-line skin color, tells the computer precisely what color that skin is, then allows the client to also choose custom coverage in full, medium, or sheer. It is so custom that a client can even choose additional moisturized additives for combination or dry skin – offering a more hydrated and youthful look OR a matte finish for combination or oily skin without drying the skin.

As I said before, truly revolutionary!

I am so thrilled to have my father partner with me and we are so looking forward to sharing the SAYUKI experience with all of you!

Thank you for visiting our site,
Tracy “Sayuki” Wells

From “light bulb moment” to reality – how Sayuki Custom Cosmetics was developed.

As I explained my vision to my father, I reminded him of the need for a luxury customized concealer, foundation and tinted moisturizer – none existed! He was even more surprised to find that there were no new, revolutionized technologies to color-match an exact personal color, finish and coverage anywhere within the cosmetics industry.

My father’s team of machinists, engineers, computer and software experts have worked diligently for nearly two years in the research and development of our unique technology and we have partnered with industry leaders for perfect packaging and ingredients for all of our products.

I am still amazed that my “light bulb moment” idea is now a reality! We at SAYUKI are so excited to share our new revolutionary custom-blending machine with you. Imagine, a beauty specialist will scan your jawline skin color that precise color-match information will then be sent to the custom-blending machine. Within seconds, your personalized formulas will be dispensed into ready-to-fill SAYUKI bottles – again, all perfectly color-matched and all to your specifications. Our sonic mixer puts the finishing touch on your foundation, concealer and tinted moisturizer rapidly for a perfect result.

Instant, custom, make-up – on-counter, at your fingertips, instantly!

Sayuki Custom Cosmetics – where Luxury meets Technology.

I have created the Sayuki Custom Beautification Plan. Our easy-to-apply, 7-step plan will give you a perfect flawless finish.

Join us at the nearest Sayuki counter for a first-time color-match to determine a perfectly customized concealer, foundation and tinted moisturizer. We recommend that you are re-scanned throughout the year to re-match any natural and seasonal skin color changes. We know you will enjoy your products – they were all created just for you!


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