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Alumna Debuts Cutting-Edge Beauty Technology With Sayuki Custom Cosmetics

2 Jul

Luxury meets technology with the arrival of Sayuki Custom Cosmetics, founded by Merchandise Marketing Alumna Tracy Wells. The Orange County resident, who just opened a Sayuki boutique at the Laguna Hills Mall, has created a cosmetics line featuring custom concealer, foundation, and tinted moisturizer. They are the only company in the world to utilize in-store technology to scan a customer’s skin and use a custom blending machine for an exact match.

“Not only is the machine and technology unseen in the cosmetics industry, but also customers are overjoyed to have products that actually match their skin color,” Tracy says. “They are also excited about the quality, in addition to the custom color – our products have been created with only the finest ingredients and our clients love the coverage and that we cater towards all skin types.”